RD’s Famous Blue Bus is at Lama Foundation


My pilgrimage began in Tucson, Arizona with a peaceful 10 hour drive to Questa, New Mexico. Driving up the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, my heart began to swell as I felt the abundance of good vibes emanating from the Lama Foundation. I couldn’t help but smile and get teary-eyed from the happiness I felt. I was returning to Lama for another Hermitage in The Bear, but before it began, I requested to spend an overnight in Ram Dass’ bus. The bus had been  left at Lama in the 70’s and has since then been refurbished as a place for visitors to stay.

RD’s bus sits below Lama Central: Far enough away to feel complete solitude, but close enough to take a short walk to join the “Lama Beans” to share a meal, which I did. The outside of the bus is painted a vibrant blue, with wooden steps leading up to the back door. I was flooded with so much joy as I entered the bus. I was filled with thoughts of Baba RD. Inside is a handcrafted wooden shelf and table, a comfy chair, a telescope, and a bed. The walls are adorned with flags of Hanuman and pages of Be Here Now, printed at Lama. There are also frames pictures of Neem Karoli Baba and RD, as well as most of RD’s books available to read, including the book that started it all – BE HERE NOW.

During my short stay in the bus, I spent time journaling, drawing, and paging through the brown pages of BHN. I also spent time sitting on the bed just gazing out the window at the beautiful vastness of land before me. I was blessed with a visit of a deer, and we both briefly watched each other before she slowly continued on her path. I watched the sunset, soaking in all the gloveeousness that surrounded me. Night brought a heavy blanket of darkness that lulled me to sleep, preparing me for my Hermitage that began the next day.


It was an amazing experience to spend time in RD’s bus. The Lama land is pure magic. I would highly recommend anyone traveling through New Mexico to pay a visit to this sacred place.






Thanks for sharing this with us, Moon (Ananda) Smiley