Pintu and Annu build food kits
Neem Karoli Baba

How We Began


Baba's Feed Project was founded in May 2020 shortly after a trip to India was cut short by COVID-19.

Baba’s Feed Project, Inc. is a federally recognized charity and has been awarded 501(c )(3) status. We are also incorporated in the state of CA as a non-profit entity. Baba's Feed Project is dedicated to feeding families in developing countries. Our mission is to purchase food for nourishing meals that are distributed to those in need.

The founders began the project in response to the urgent need to serve the poorest of the poor - people faced with the economic shutdown and the inability to work and provide for their families.

With Pintu on the ground and us in New Zealand and the US ready to help, we found ourselves to be in the perfect position, with the perfect team, to really make a difference.

And we do so in the name of Neem Karoli Baba Maharaj-ji, and by his grace.

Pintu Kumar, Founder, Baba's Feed Project

Pintu Kumar

Pintu is a founder and Operations Manager of Baba's Feed Project.  He sources the food items for the family kits, and with help from his family, he packs up the kits for weekly deliveries.   In his village, his home is known as place where people can come to ask for help and be lovingly received.

Founder Chris Whitehead


Chris is a Founder of Baba’s Feed Project and manages all social media, supports operations in the US and India, and handles donor communications.  A native New Zealander, she visits India to work with Pintu and see for herself what Baba's Feed Project needs to do and where. She is also a mother and is passionate about nutrition.

Lauren Jayne-Founder-Baba's Feed Project


Founder and Director of Baba’s Feed Project, Lauren oversees everyday operations. She is married with two grown sons and lives in Ventura on California’s central coast.  She enjoys traveling to India to visit Baba’s temples and distribute food kits with Pintu to the beautiful people they serve.

The Kumar family

Pintu, his wife Annu, and their children spend hours each week assembling the food kits.

chris and annu

Chris and Annu, Pintu's wife, share a smile as Chris shows off her new India gear during her most recent trip to India.

Lauren in the Ganges

Lauren Jayne enjoys a moment in the Ganga River during a visit to Rishikesh with Pintu and Chris.

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Team BFP in India, Feb 2023. Left to right: Chris, Gopal, Lauren, Theron, Pintu, Krishna.
Team BFP in India, Feb 2023. Left to right: Chris, Gopal, Lauren, Theron, Pintu, Krishna.