Carrie’s Cashew Fudge

Cashew fudge is a popular treat in India, but this recipe is an Americanized version and can be further adapted to your tastes.

I’ve been making this with maple syrup for my vegan friends, and honey for everyone else. It makes a nice dessert centerpiece, surrounded by fresh or dried fruit.


The basic ingredients:
1.1 pound of cashews, either raw or roasted and salted. The raw ones are oilier, but the roasted ones, in my opinion, have a better flavor.

  1. A pinch of salt (may be omitted)
  2. Sweetener of your choice: sugar, honey, or maple syrup. About a quarter cup or more, to your taste.
  3. 1-2 Tbsp of a non-flavored oil, like grapeseed. (may be omitted if you feel the mixture is already oily enough. This seems to depend on the batch of cashews.)
  4. A pinch of cardamom powder if you like the flavor. A drop or two of vanilla also works well. Indian cooks sometimes add rose water.



You will need a food processor for best results. Add all the ingredients to the food processor and pulse first, then run at high speed until nuts have become a paste. It takes several minutes for the nuts to break down into a butter. I like to leave some small pieces of cashews for a chunky fudge.

Scoop out the mixture onto a piece of foil, form into a slab about an inch thick, and wrap tightly. Refrigerate for an hour to firm, then cut into serving size pieces.

This can also be made in a blender, but it takes a lot longer and can stress the machine if you overload it. If you’re using a blender, make four separate batches and press them all together on the foil to make a slab.

You can store in the fridge for several weeks, or in an airtight container on the counter for several days.

These taste best a day after you’ve made them. (Not that we can ever wait to eat them!)