The Project began in May of 2020, and in less than two years Pintu had delivered over a million meals and provided more than 6,000 families with the basics for themselves and their children.

We invite you to meet a few of those we have served. Despite their hardships, nearly everyone we spend time with has a gracious smile for us.

Please help us keep this valuable work going strong and donate today.

brickworks, morning

The smoke never stops spewing over the  brickworks, and the labor doesn't stop, either.

the kids always smile at food

And despite the hardships, the kids still laugh and smile.

pintu and saddhu

Pintu meets, and honors, many Saddhus in his travels.

smiling kids in the brickmaking slum

These youngsters spend every day making bricks and breathing sooty air  But look at those smiles!

A group of happy kids in their new cool kit clothes

The kids wave goodbye to Pintu wearing their new Cool Kit clothes and sandals. Your generosity makes this possible.

Waiting for Pintu and Food Kits

These villagers are waiting for Pintu to supply their food kits for this week. Please help feed the needy of India!

Suri begs for food and is helped by a Baba's Feed Project kit

Suri is in her 80s. She is childless, and her husband is blind. She begs for food. Today she got a kit and will eat well for weeks to come.

joy at getting a Baba's Feed Project food kit

This young woman was delighted to get a kit to feed her family. Such a radiant smile for us!

Baba's Feed Project recipient in the brick slum

This mother and her several children  in the brick village are food insecure. A food kit makes all the difference.

Girls in the brickworks get nourished by Baba's Feed Project

In this family, everyone works building with bricks, regardless of gender. A food kit helps keep them going.

Kamala begs for food, gets help from Baba's Feed Project

Kamala, with several children and no means to support them, depends on the kindness of passersby to feed her children. A food kit gives her days of nourishment for them all.

Shanti, who relies on Baba's Feed Project

Shanti is a childless widow in her 70s. She lives in Pintu's village and knows she can go to his door for help and food.

Pintu delights in the children he feeds

Pintu delights in sharing food and affection with the children he meets.

village life is hard

On any typical day, village residents face a life that is hard, hungry and without much hope.

Pintu shares love and a blanket from Baba's Feed Project

Baba's feed Project is founded on the words of Baba Neem Karoli. "Love everyone, serve everyone, feed everyone, remember God. Sub Ek - All One."

village cooking

Villagers cook where they can.

village kitchen space

Another cooking spot in the village.

another villager cooks a meal

Your donations help fill these pots and hungry bellies.