Our Visit to India - 2022

Early in 2022,  Baba's Feed Project Founders Lauren Jayne and Chris Whitehead visited India to spend time with Indian Founder Pintu Kumar and to visit the villages of the people we serve. We also were lucky enough to travel to a number of sacred locations, and to experience Holi, a festival celebrating the victory of good over evil, the arrival of spring, and harvests to come. It's a joyous holiday, filled with laughter and lots of color.

Here's a look at some of the things we experienced in India.

Lauren Jayne

Finally made it to Rishikesh. That’s a big item checked off my bucket list! Pintu, Chris and I enjoyed the view looking over the Ganga. Once again, since being in beautiful India, I am fighting back tears of joy.

I have looked longingly at pictures and videos of this area for years. What a pleasure it is to finally be here.

Later, I got to wade in holy Ganga Ma. It was an overwhelmingly sweet moment for me.

A day earlier, delivering kits with Pintu was an amazingly joyful and gut-wrenching experience. I’ve seen hundreds of pics of Pintu delivering kits, but being there in person is a different thing entirely. Wow!

Laxman Jhula, Rishikesh

Laxman Juhla, Rishikesh

Lauren Jayne at the Ganga River

I finally get to wade in Ganga Ma.

Lauren at a village for BFP food kit delivery

Without the ability to converse, we instantly resorted to the universal language of laughter.

Lauren Jayne at Narnaul Temple

At a temple in Narnaul.

Lauren Jayne and Annu

With Pintu's wife Annu at their home.

Chris Whitehead

What an experience being with Pintu K. Kumar and his family in Raghunathpura, Haryana the past two weeks. They’ve welcomed us into their home with open arms and shown us real life in an Indian village.Thank you, Annu, for your kindness. I’ll miss it very much.

We spent Holi there, and this beautiful art was made with Holi powder by the family in the entryway of Pintu’s home.

Rishikesh is beautiful. I dipped my feet into the Ganga. Am I really here, is this real? Dream come true.

How exciting to be here as Baba's Feed Project delivered our One Millionth meal! What a huge achievement and it’s all thanks to YOU and all your help and support! We look forward to a million more.

Holi design in front of Pintu's home

Holi decoration outside Pintu's home.

Chris and Annu

With Pintu's wife, Annu.

Chris with a street musician in Jaipur

Visiting with a street musician in Jaipur.

Chris and kids at a village where we deliver BFP food kits

With village kids after sharing cookies.

Chris, Rishikesh, the Ganga at night

At the Ganga, Rishikesh.

Pintu K. Kumar

Pintu's radiant smile and joyous calls of Ram Ram! say more than words ever could.

As Operations Manager of Baba's Feed Project, Pintu sources the items for the kits, packs them with his family's help, and distributes them once a week.

He also works as an independent travel guide, sharing the sacred spots of India with spiritual travelers from around the world.

Pintu is known for his love of taking photographs, and many of the images on this site are his work. He shoots only with his phone camera.

On the day the millionth BFP meal kit was delivered

On the day the millionth meal was delivered.

Pintu gives a sadhhu a Baba's Feed Project food kit

Sharing food and warmth kits with a sadhu.

Chris, Lauren and Hanuman Murti in Narnaul

With Chris, Lauren and Hanuman.

Vrindavan and the Yamuna

At Vrindavan, on the Yamuna River.

sunset after million meal day

Sunset after millionth meal distribution.