Divine Vedic Malas: 108 ‘Hare Ram’ Sanskrit Beads Blessed by Pandit Sadhu


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Discover the essence of spirituality with our exclusive malas, each of the 108 beads delicately stamped with ‘Hare Ram’ in Sanskrit, embodying ancient Vedic traditions. Blessed by a pandit Sadhu and consecrated in the presence of Hanumanji and Bhagavan Ramchandra (Rama), these malas transcend mere ornaments, becoming profound symbols of devotion and prayer.

Immersed in the holy flames of the Sadhu Dhuni and honored in the revered Rama/Hanuman fire ceremony, these malas capture the spiritual legacy of the Rig Veda. Infused with the blessings of our wandering Baba, Ram, and Hanuman, each bead resonates with a divine connection, making every mala a testament to spiritual depth and enlightenment.