children with treats

At Baba's Feed Project, our core belief has always been that every individual deserves access to nourishing meals, and our mission is to ensure no one goes hungry. 

While we understand times are challenging for many, the collective power of our community has shown time and time again that even small contributions can make a significant impact. Every dollar, every share, and every word of encouragement helps us move closer to our goal.
Asking for continuous commitments is never easy for us, we have streamlined the process to make it simpler for you. We’ve now introduced recurring monthly donation option tiers.
By standing together and supporting in any capacity, we can continue our mission of nourishing lives, one contribution at a time. Remember, it's not about the donation size, but the heart behind it.
party celebrates your food kit donations

Cake and ice cream party
after delivering our millionth meal.

Kids love treats from Baba's Feed Project

The kids thank you for your generosity.

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Some of our donors have expressed a desire to support our work on an ongoing basis. If your heart is moved to join them, please indicate that on the form.

And accept our most grateful thanks for your help in our mission of serving the hungry and needy people of India.


food kit items for packing

Food items for kits ready for packing at Pintu's home.