Hey hey and Namaste!

I hope everyone is well. As always, it’s a pleasure to be able to pen these words to you all through the Grace of Maharajji. Currently, I am in West Texas holding a few Satsangs with various like-minded groups of people.

Two nights ago, we held our first Satsang here. It was a beautiful mix of various religions: Sikh, Hindu, Christian, Mormon, and other paths as well!


It’s what Maharajji would have wanted: Love ALL without ideas or philosophies coming into play.


We often look at spirituality as a practice that is found in books. We research and analyze these topics. When Maharajji spoke, he spoke about LIVING these principles. Embodying them. He didn’t mention the study of them or the necessity to debate varying philosophies. He simply stated, “Love, Serve, and Remember God”. He didn’t specify which God or which people to serve. He only said to Love.


When we think of love, we often think of love in the form of an exchange, or transactional love. If I do this, they will feel this way. Personally, I don’t believe that was His intent. His intent, as also said in the Gita, was to do the action simply because it’s the correct things to do, and to do so without longing or desire for the potential rewards it can bring about. When we can live in this manner, we can recognize the simplistic beauty that abounds in our life.


Life is a series of actions that either draw us closer to God or push us further away. Doing these actions, living in the love without the necessity of the rewards, are the actions that draw us closer. These actions do not need to be massive or some wild thing. We can hold the door open for someone when it’s raining. We can donate to a charity. We can offer time and assistance to those who need help. We can hold space, without judgement, for those that need an attentive ear.


Life will continue to life until this life stops, haha. We cannot control that. What we can control, however, is the actions of gratitude we present to others and the openness of love we can hold. As we go about our busy days, allow yourself time to reflect on these simply and beautiful profound teachings: Loving, Serving, and Remembering God.


As always, we at Baba’s Feed Project deeply thank you for being here with us. For walking these principles of our Guru with us. Your continued support is what allows our mission to grow, and prosper. Should you ever need anything, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We love you all, so very much.


Jai Gurudev

Jai Sri Ram

Ganga Das Baba is a wandering Sadhu of the Ramanandi tradition of renunciants; Nirvani Ankara, Aydhoya Dham. He travels the country, giving dharma talks, spiritual insight and kirtan, while spreading the message of his Guru and Baba’s Feed Project. Please contact us for more information about Ganga Das Baba’s schedule for spreading the Dharma.