Hey, hey, and Namaste.

Thanks for taking time out of your evolving and changing lives to read this little piece Baba has allowed me to prepare. Rarely in life do we get, what we desire. Rarely are our wants met, but more often than not, our needs are met.

Such was the case this past month when I traveled cross country in a far out yatra, to visit the Neem Karoli Baba Ashram in Taos, NM. Most of the story I will leave out, as it is quite long. Suffice it to say, it was a rather trying trip to get there. And, it was exactly what I needed. I arrived at the ashram and was greeted by people I had met online via various Satsangs. Then, it happened.

While wandering around this beautiful campus, mesmerized by the majesty of my Father’s House, I saw it. It was a simple Takht: a wooden platform used for saints and sages in India to sit on. Covering the takht, a wool Baba blanket. On the wall behind this, a photo of Maharajji that seemed to pierce my very soul. That’s when I realized it: Though this was my first time at the Taos ashram, this was not my first time sitting in front of this Takht, with this Baba blanket, longingly staring into the eyes of my Guru through His photo.

You see, when NKB made Himself known to me, it was via a dreaming Darshan. In this Darshan, he took me, rather, he took my soul and guided me on many adventures. This Darshan culminated in taking me to His temple, in Taos, and sitting me down in front of His Takht. This. Same. Takht. This was the place, years earlier, where Maharajji placed me. And, here I was. Seeing this image that was manifested in my dreams long ago captivated me. Nearly the entirety of the first night I sat there. I did not say a single word to Baba’s photo, but we spoke more than we ever have before. In the silence of Truth, no words are needed. I felt His presence in front of that takht and blanket more than I ever have in my life. It was warm. It was security. It was comfort. It was Big Love. A love which I will not attempt to describe: for, human words will continue to fall short of describing it.

They save never to meet your heroes. I say meet all of them. If they are truly your hero, they will embody all of the qualities you adore within them. Taos did just that for this simple, wandering sanyasi: it showed me my true hero(s). Neem Karoli Baba Maharajji, thank you for taking us all in the lost, the misplaced, the frightened, the worried, the confused, etc. We are all Yours. Your blanket, growing in infinite bounds, provides the comforts we all need, individually, to allow us to continue this journey. And, this journey is heading Home, to be one with You.

When we let our conceived ideas of ego, self-pride, and arrogance fall to the wayside, we can sit in humble and true companionship with others. We can listen to their words like the nectar of the Gods these words really are. We can be fully present and share with others. We can view others as extensions of ourselves: and, view ourselves as extensions of the One. If you can, I would gladly recommend visiting Taos, and seeing our Father in His American home. Sit with Him, share with Him.

This doesn’t have to be done in Taos, though. Light a candle, look into His eyes, and recognize that He already knows everything you want to say or have thought. Find massive comfort in that. Realize that He knows EVERYTHING about you: yet, He still fully and absolutely Loves you, without causality or conditions associated! I hope this note of mine finds you well. If you are struggling, please reach out. No one should have to suffer in solitude.

Finally, I would like to make this declaration to the Three Worlds:

1. You are loved.

2. You are inherently enough.

3. You are needed.

4. If you doubt that, I believe it is enough for both of us.

5. If you doubt #4, see #1.

Om Ram Ramaya Namah Jai Gurudev

Shri Ganga Das ji Maharaj is a sadhu and a Sanyasi in the Ramanandi Sampradaya. He currently lives and serves at a Mandir outside of Baltimore, and also travels giving dharma talks and spiritual lectures.