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We come together from different parts of the globe to help the poor and needy of India with food, blankets and warm clothes for the winter months, and cool clothing and shoes for the children during the burning hot summers.

Pintu, in India, oversees the management of food kits and other items with two helpers, Gopal and Satpal, both of whom have been helping Pintu since BFP began in early 2020. They help him organize and prepare food kits for delivery and assist with the distribution of food, clothing, and supplies to the beautiful families waiting excitedly for their arrival.

It's important to make sure everyone gets what they need, especially the large families who may need more.  Pintu, Gopal, and Satpal strive to get to know the families they serve and what they need. They take extra time with as many people in the villages as they can, chatting and visiting, and passing out cookies to all the children.

Satpal, Pintu's volunteer

Satpal is a gardener at a local school.

He lives in a village 20km from Pintu's.

Pintu, Gopal and Satpal

Pintu, Gopal and Satpal ready for a food kit dropoff day.

gopal, pintu's helper

Gopal works as a school cleaner.

He is from Pintu's village.

Jess, a New Zealand native, is one of our friendly volunteers here at Baba's Feed Project. She helps support the team with social media and general administrative assistance. Having spent many years traveling and training in Northern India, she is incredibly passionate about the country and its people. She wants to give back to a country that has given her so much.

With her natural love for helping others, Jess runs her own Sound Healing practice in New Zealand.

Jess at Indian Festival
Jess in India
Jess at home in New Zealand

Lance Velasco works as Lauren's assistant. He helps with packing and shipping items that people buy from Baba's shop. He's also available for any other tasks Lauren needs help with. And you can see him modeling shirts and other items available in Baba's shop.

Lance Velasco volunteer